How to sell a cake for 100 pounds

Allison hosted a Dream Tea last year for staff at the hospital where she works. Astonishingly she sold a slice of cake for £100! Read how she did it.

Nurses enjoying a cup of tea

The Dream Tea 2014 is happening on 20th June this year and we can't wait. It’s a fun excuse to gather friends, family, colleagues, classmates, to bake or buy some cakes and take time out to enjoy a good cuppa and a chat. It really is that simple and will make a huge difference to the lives of some of the very special children and young people we work with. You don't even have to have it on the 20th, just any date that suits you.

Your Dream Tea can be as elaborate or as modest as you want – from a ten-minute tea break with work colleagues, to an indulgent vintage-inspired tea party or a school cake sale. We caught up with Allison, who held a Dream Tea in her staff room last year and shared her experiences:

Tell us about your Dream Tea last year

I work at a private hospital in Wimbledon Common and we decided to host a Dream Tea in the staff room.

Why did you decide to do a Dream Tea?

I work with an amazing array of bakers and a captive audience of hungry staff across the hospital. Dreams Come True is an incredible charity that is making a real difference to the lives of some very special children.

What was the best part of your Dream Tea?

It was great to see us all getting so involved and (dare I say a little competitive) in raising the maximum amount of money.

How many people were involved? Who were they?

Over 20 people donated cakes, biscuits and their time. I was overwhelmed with the response. They were mainly nursing and appointments staff and one medical secretary who must have been up all night baking! All our produce on the day was home baked.

How much did you raise?

We raised over £300. One piece of cake was sold for an astonishing £100 (we had to give him the recipe too!)

How easy was it to organise?

It was really straightforward to organise. We advertised in our monthly newsletter, through emails and our intranet. We were unable to sell cakes to patients due to Health and Safety risks but we have over 300 staff and everyone was very generous. We all like a nice slice of cake!

What advice would you give to someone planning a Dream Tea?

You have to be very persuasive to get everyone baking, lots of advertising. It is such a great cause so it pretty much sold itself!

How did you prepare for your Dream Tea?

I asked all my staff to contribute and most did just that. We had some amazing cakes donated. It was a great team building exercise and we all thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

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Author: James Gunn

Date: 28/05/2014

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