Vintage butter and coats - Tamara on the Great British Sewing Bee

We caught up with our Dream Tea ambassador, Tamara Melvin after the last Great British Sewing Bee.

Tamara Melvin

We caught up with our Dream Tea ambassador, Tamara Melvin after the last Great British Sewing Bee. Tamara has wowed judges (and us) with her sewing prowess and is through to the next round (airing Tuesday 1st April).

Here’s what Tamara had to say about her last set of sewing challenges:

Tell us about your journey through tonight’s episode: Highs, lows, memories etc…

I was shocked by the vintage sewing machine, but excited at the same time. My grandma had one of these machines, but I’d never seen it in motion. It was so hard to thread up, but we helped each other in the end. It ran like a dream and it felt like I was sewing through butter!

Making the vintage coat was a real journey. I knew exactly the era I wanted to go for – 1960′s. I’ve been lucky enough to inherit all of my grandmas patterns and this particular coat was the first complicated pattern she attempted. It was like she was with me the whole way, I really wanted to make her proud.

How did you find the challenges tonight? You’re rather good with a man’s shirt, how was a complete suit?

Ermmmm, well I liked what I made even if the judges disagreed! It’s hard to transform a suit as it is so structured and there are many layers of fabric. I was going for a deconstructed loosely tailored Vivienne Westwood style jacket.

I think we all did well in the time, but Chinelo’s dress really did steal the show. If she’d not won that challenge I’d have been stamping my feet!

Why did you chose the fabric for the coat (we loved it by the way)? What inspired your design?

As you know I love colour, texture and pattern. Having done a fair bit of research, I knew I needed a heavy wool with a chunky weave. This fabric literally jumped off the shelf and slapped me in the face! I just had to have it. It’s such a happy colour! I also lined my collar and button holes with a vintage table cloth, so it was totally authentic.

Your good friend David has left the show. How do you feel about that? Are you still in touch?

I think you could tell we were all really upset! we all missed him after he went. Yes we are still in touch, I’m meeting him for a cuppa tea later today! I saw Heather and Julie last Friday too!

We are genuinely best friends!

Any other thoughts on tonight’s episode?

Can’t believe I’m into the semi-finals!

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Author: Michelle Chenery

Date: 01/04/2014

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