John completes his first ever half-marathon

John shares his experience of the Bournemouth half-marathon with us.

 John recently ran the Bournemouth half-marathon, this was his first half-marathon. We caught up with him after to find out how it went.

1. Why did you choose this challenge?

To prove I could race this distance (1st half marathon I have ever ran). Especially important to me since being diagnosed in February 2015 with a life long illness. I didn't believe that I would ever be able to run again.

2. Did you have to do any special preparation?

I trained really hard. I ran at least 4 times a week, which including 2 speed sessions, which consisted of I x session 5x5 minutes continuous interval training and another session of sprinting up steep hillsides. At the end of my speed sessions my legs use to feel like jelly.

3. Describe how you felt in three words

Chuffed to bits!!!

4. How did you feel on the day and once it was completed?

I felt really nervous on race day.I was really worried that I hadn't put enough training in.

I felt such an amazing sense of accomplishment on completion, I was over the moon, grinning like a Cheshire cat!!

5. Most memorable moment?

Running the 1st 2 miles at 6 mins and 24 seconds each. I was really worried that I was running too fast and kept on telling myself to slow down. However, I ran the 3rd mile at 6 mins, 27 seconds. I actually said to myself "You know John, this feels quite comfortable. Let's carry on at this pace"!!

6. Any tips for others doing the same thing?

I trained on a regular basis, ate the correct foods. Loads of pasta and rice for energy. I also took advice from a more experienced ex runner.

7. Anything else you would like to share? 

I took loads of advice from a friend of mine who use to run marathons for England. His training tips really increased my pace over distance. I was able to complete this race at 1 hour 27 mins 55 seconds (chip time). My target was to be satisfied with under 1 and a half hours. This was my 1st half marathon. I can't wait to do another.


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Author: Hannah Attenburrow

Date: 22/10/2015

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