Three Peaks update from LLoyds

While one team makes their way up Scarfell pike the others have a nap. - An update from Lloyds on their three peaks challenge

Good Morning All, I have just had our next update from Team 1 on the 3 Peaks challenge. The teams have been slightly mixed up now with some people having to drop behind. Team 1 ( Fast Walkers are now; Matt Baillie, Matt Giles, Richard Greenhalf, Robbie Evans, Paul Meredith, Rich Constantine. Team 2 seem to have disappeared currently as Team 1 have left them in their wake and had no contact. I will be attempting to make contact with them this morning to see how they are getting on but currently I believe they will be sleeping off their Scarfel Pike climb.

scarfell pike

Update continued...

scarfell pike

I am pleased to say we have heard from Team 2 who have made it up and down 2 Peaks and on their way to the third.
The mood is currently sleepy on the minibus and they have all found it a lot tougher than they first imagined.
Jon Alabaster and Adrian Moore have both suffered with knee damage and both Clemmie Ede and Kevin have fallen on their backsides however no further injuries have been sustained apart from the expected blisters.

scarfell pike

They reached the Peak of Scarfell at 5am this morning. Well done guys we're very proud of your efforts!

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Author: Hannah Attenburrow

Date: 15/05/2015

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