Making dreams come true through music: Magda Czula

Have you heard of Magda Czula yet...? You soon will!

Have you heard of Magda Czula yet...? You soon will! This fabulous up-coming singer/songwriter has just released her first EP and we are delighted to announce that Magda will be donating the profits to Dreams Come True.

We caught up with Magda this week to find out more about her music and why she is passionate about the power of dreams. Here's what she had to say.

Magda Czula

Have you always been into music?

I've been passionate about music since my early years. At the age of 4 years old, I would grab a remote control, stand on the sofa, sing and imagine I was on stage. 

I think my Mum must have spotted this because not long after I was signed up for music classes! 

My first instrument was the piano. I then took up the flute as my main instrument at a music school in Krakow. My brother played the guitar and I would listen to him practising for hours and hours. Eventually, I tried playing it when he wasn’t around, although I don't think I will ever be as good as him! 

You prefer to write and sing in English, even though it isn't your first language. Was it difficult at first?

Songwriting is like writing a diary except that you purposefully share your thoughts and feelings with people you might not even know. I think at the beginning, that is quite difficult in any language - even your own! It takes time and lots of practice, but I wanted to do it.

My first experience with songwriting was when I picked up the guitar and learnt the first few chords. I grew up in Poland, but I listened to a lot of music in English and I just loved the sound of it. I wanted to be capable of writing and singing in English.

The urge to express myself in this particular language encouraged me to study at English College. We had quite a few classes where we learnt about the history and geography of England and the United States, which I guess pushed me into traveling and exploring these two countries. Now looking back at the decisions I have made and things I have done so far, it all makes more sense to me :)

Why have you chosen to donate your first EP sales to Dreams Come True?

Music has been my dream since I was a child but the older we get the more difficult it is to believe dreams actually come true. Now I know they do, but I also know most things don’t happen 'just like that'. I do believe that once we put some effort in, the impossible is achievable

"Giving makes me happy. I'm not quite sure where it comes from but I've always wanted to do something that would make a difference."

Giving makes me happy. I'm not quite sure where it comes from but I've always wanted to do something that would make a difference. I would still make music regardless the profits because it's my passion and something that fulfils me. I also adore children and it hurts me when I see just how much some of them need to take on their shoulders at such an early age. 

While recording the EP (which again was a big dream), I thought it would be great if I could try and heal with my music.

I started browsing through different websites looking for the charity I would like to contribute to, but because there are so many I struggled to decide. I started getting a bit frustrated and, believe it or not, one day, in my despair, I  googled the phrase 'dreams come true'. You should have seen my face when I saw what came up. Dreams Come True - UK based children's charity! 

I was immediately touched by the whole concept, the fact that you bring joy to innocent kids who are facing really serious and life-threatening conditions. The moment I found you, I knew I wanted to be part of it.

I find it absolutely beautiful and would be very happy if through my music and by giving away the money from my EP sales, I could put a smile on some of their faces :)

Magda's EP 'Power of Sound', has just been released and will soon be available to buy through the Dreams Come True online shop. Watch this space...!

Get a sneaky preview of the EP and hear more about Magda in her latest video:

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Author: Hannah

Date: 20/11/2014

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