Steve goes dry for a year

He's not touched a drop of alcohol all year and has now started running to raise money for Dreams Come True as well.

Steve at the Great North Run

Steve just loves a challenge. He's not touched a drop of alcohol all year and has now started running to raise money for Dreams Come True as well. He's doing a great job to help us but he's also noticed big improvements in his own life. This is what he had to say:

I decided at the end of last year to do something to challenge myself in 2014... so naturally Dry January sprung to mind, but everyone was doing that, so it wasn’t much of a challenge. Then I thought 6 months off the booze sounds like a challenge, until someone joked "you may as well do a year if you're doing 6 months". So there you go, a full year off the booze it is then!

The next step was obviously to choose a charity, (I may as well raise money at the same time right?)

It was always going to be a children’s charity - children are our future after all. So I decided to look through the list on Justgiving where I noticed Dreams Come True. After logging on to their website and reading four or five of their fantastic stories about children and their Dreams of visiting Florida or meeting Peter Andre (not my cup of tea but hey) I knew they were definitely the right charity for me to try and help.

So off I went, set up my Just Giving page and away I went telling everyone I knew about what I was doing until they caved and sponsored me.

After five or six months off the booze I noticed I’d lost nearly two stone in weight and was a lot fitter than I’d been for years so decided to run a marathon... why not! After informing Martin at Dreams Come True he kindly entered me into the Great North Run as well, which took place on 7th September. So now I’m not drinking for 12 months, I've run the Great North Run and will be running the Chester Marathon on 5th October too.

To be honest the not drinking part has been pretty easy, apart from being the designated driver to weddings and parties, nights out with friends etc it's not bothered me much at all. It's all the running that has been the big challenge. I was never much of a runner, which I put down to having asthma, but that has also improved due to running, so you could say Dreams Come True are also helping me at the same time.

I've raised over £2,000 so far and hopefully a lot more to come before I get drunk on two pints on New Year’s Day, so you can sponsor me on Just Giving or text SGSG99 £amount to 70070.

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Author: Hannah

Date: 17/09/2014

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