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When you hear about the London Marathon, you think BIG! BIG crowds, LARGE number of runners, and HUGE support from bystanders.

John’s Road to volunteering first connected with Dreams Come True in Autumn last year via LinkedIn, I then met with John in November time to discuss volunteering, John and his journey to volunteering and being a part of the exciting project he is now working on and how we could be a part of it.

As part of this project, John is volunteering with a 100 different charities. His volunteering experience of Dreams was the iconic London find out what he thought below;

When you hear about the London Marathon, you think BIG! BIG crowds, LARGE number of runners, and HUGE support from bystanders. It’s always been on my bucket list to see the London Marathon in person, and when I heard Dreams Come True were looking for cheerers at the event, I couldn’t turn my back on living a dream.

Dreams Come True gave me the opportunity to make one of my dreams come true!

Dreams Come True and I met last November, so the buzz for the event has been there for months, and on the day, I wasn’t disappointed.

Before I share with you the day, Dreams Come True are a national charity (based in Liphook, Hampshire) who support families with seriously ill children. Dreams Come True helps to make dreams come true for their young service users. (Click here for more info about their work)

Time came to arriving at Mile 25, and I didn’t arrive alone. Lauren and Maddy from Two Girls Same Passions mentioned to me around a month ago, they have always wanted to volunteer, but didn’t know how/where to apply. I think the picture below explains what happened next…

It was a day resulting in many dreams coming true, and the incredible staff the charity have is why dreams come true. I got to live a dream of being at the London Marathon and Lauren and Maddy had their first experience of volunteering.

As soon as you arrived at the location, you knew the atmosphere would be alive. OK, maybe not at 10am, when there’s no-one around, but as soon as the first elite runners came through, you realised why you needed to experience the London Marathon.

As runners pass, the atmosphere amplifies. When the atmosphere amplifies, the runners respond. Runners of all shapes and sizes, running abilities, causes for running varying from person to person, same with why the crowds lined the streets of London… THIS IS THE LONDON MARATHON!

The London Marathon is the event of the year in the athletics season and is the event of the year for charities. It’s a charity’s opportunity to be part of the special experience with their supporters and being with the Dreams Come True team for the day, you could feel the family comradery. The way each runner would light up with a beaming smile appearing, hearing the Mile 25 cheer squad showing their support and how a group of staff and volunteers who might not have necessarily met before, can come together to put on a display.

A display showcasing what volunteering is meant to be!

Volunteering to me is about making memories and I will remember the day for a very long time.

I want to thank Dreams Come True for this amazing opportunity, and the amazing work they’re doing supporting families up and down the UK.

This role was found on, the UK’s leading search engine for volunteering opportunities and if like me, you’d like to help support the charity, click here to be taken to their page.

Fancy helping us at events by volunteering your time? Join the Dream Team by getting in touch with Claire.

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Author: John Sennett

Date: 26/04/2017

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