Helping the Beavers towards their Disability Awareness Bdge

The Bournemouth and Poole #DreamMakers donned their orange T-shirts and headed over to their local Beaver’s colony in Bere Regis. The beavers themselves had already raised a terrific £25 from a bake sale earlier in the month, so it was great to get the chance to tell them a bit more about the charity they had helped to support.

The session was all about different disabilities and their impacts, it was designed to help the beavers work towards their Disability Awareness Badge. When we arrived, we joined them in signing the Beaver Scout Promise in British Sign Language (they were much better than us!) followed by an introduction from Beaver leader, Liz, and a quick talk from our team.

We told the beavers what Dreams Come True does and how we helped children and young people across the UK. The session also gave them a great chance to think about what it means to have a disability or illness, and to consider some of the things they might not be able to do if they weren’t healthy.

After that it was time to burn off some energy! The beavers took turns guiding each other in wheelchairs and helping blind-folded partners navigate around cones. It was fantastic to see all the children getting involved in the activities and helping each other to get around the ‘course’.

Before the end of the session, there was time to regroup and ask how they felt while sitting in the wheelchairs, being blindfolded, and guiding their friends around the obstacles. Hands shot up around the circle and, although the answers varied widely from one beaver to the next, their level of engagement was brilliant in thinking about the experiences of others who may be disabled or unwell. A great result from a very fun session!

To finish off, we signed the Beaver Scout Promise once more (we think we’ve got the hang of it!) and waved goodbye to Bere Regis Beaver Colony. A massive thank you to them all for making us feel so welcome.

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Author: Hannah Attenburrow

Date: 24/03/2017

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