Artisan Bingo A Huge Success

Posh bingo fundraiser thanks to our Manchester volunteers

On Sunday evening I put together a posh bingo fundraiser along with Ella's help from the Manchester Development team!

In preparation for the event we invited family, friends and anyone we could get our hands on to make the evening as much of a success as possible. On the evening we managed to get all ages involved by playing bingo for some really exciting prizes, definitely appealing to some people’s competitive sides! 

The venue for the event added the 'posh' to posh bingo, with the fundraiser taking place in a private dining room with a view of the city. Guests were treated to a drink and a two course meal in their ticket, which was mouth-wateringly good.

I would try to describe a highlight of the evening but the whole thing went so well I think there are just too many!

When speaking to guests throughout the night they all were so intrigued about the charity and keen to learn more about what Dreams Come True are really about. They couldn’t wait to spread the word further to their other friends and family after the event.


The fundraiser managed to bring in a total of £455 - clearly showing its undoubted success. Ella and I spoke to the guests about the charity and what we are aiming to do in Manchester as we continue to raise both awareness and the profile of Dreams Come True.Most of the guests had such an enjoyable time they have already asked for tickets for the next event! If that doesn’t make the night a success I don’t know what does!

We provided guests with plenty of information leaflets and details of granted dreams, touching the hearts of many.

For me, as well as having a fun evening with friends and family, knowing that you are helping change a young life gives the evening a special feeling like no other. 

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Author: Sophie Walker

Date: 21/11/2016

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