Manchester Development Team Spreading Dreams Awareness

Manchester volunteer group grows

As a member of the Manchester Development Team, me and my other team members have been working hard over the past few months to build ties with members of the community in the local area and try to reach out to as many possible dream children as we can. 

Recently myself and another volunteer Ella were able to go into Elms Bank Specialist Arts College in Bury, Manchester. We attended a school awareness day where there were over 150 teaching assistants, teachers and head teachers all gathered to attend talks and seminars about issues facing disabled students and working with them. 

This was the perfect opportunity to be able to talk to likeminded people about Dreams Come True and what our mission and commitments as a charity are. 

The day was a massive success, with all the referral forms flying off the stand as so many people were already thinking of children that they would be able to refer for a Dream with the charity.

This means that not only the profile of the charity will be raised, but we will also be able to make these children’s lives a little bit happier. 

These new possible referrals have also provided the Manchester volunteers with a new focus and a drive to succeed in their upcoming fundraising. 

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Author: Sophie Walker

Date: 27/10/2016

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