Adrian and his team run for Dreams

Adrian Shandley talks about his experiences fundraising for Dreams Come True

Adrian Shandley is a long time supporter of Dreams Come True, and has personally raised over £60,000 for Dreams Come True. Organising and taking part in different fundraising events each year, Adrian talks to us about this year's run with his team and the challenges they faced.

Adrian Shandley and his team

1. Why did you choose this challenge?

We wanted a big challenge that would push everybody but equally we wanted a challenge that could incorporate people of different abilities with everybody pushing themselves beyond their limit.

 2. Did you have to do any special preparation?

Some of us are already fit enough to run also distances but most people had to do a lot of training over a period of about three months

 3. Describe how you felt in three words

Amazed at just how much money was riding on us

 4. How did you feel on the day and once it was completed?

Everybody was tired, exhausted, although surprisingly nobody was hungry! I don't think anybody had eaten since they got up and as is usually the case with these ultra sort of events everyone was a bit beyond eating. Everybody had sunburn to varying degrees, lots of blisters and very very stiff legs

 5. Most memorable moment?

So many personal bests...

Karen Wilson who ran solidly for 38 miles stopping only for water every 5 km

Karen Morgan who, despite having been off work and being really sick and in bed for the previous two days, managed to make it on the Friday and complete 30 kms further than she has ever done before.

Diana Huddy & Elizabeth Hirst ran further than they had ever done before

Greg Walker and Jenny Dunk both covered more than a Marathon distance 

'We completed the run on Friday 12th, well within our target of covering 300 km in 10 hours. In reality we did it in 7 hours 17 minutes, which was amazing. I have to say that everybody gave it everything they had.

We had a 5 km course and everybody set out to complete it as many times as they could to make the 300 km distance. I managed to cover 35 miles (around 30 and I have to say I walked the last five) and Karen Wilson continually ran for an amazing 38 miles.

 For every member of the team other than myself the day brought lots of personal bests with people covering the longest distance they'd ever covered on foot, running for the longest distance that they had ever run for, and believe it or not some even have their fastest 10k's!

 There were lots of aches and pains and blisters together with bucket loads of sunburn because it was a very hot day and even though we had plans for some burn as a possibility there was such a strong wind that nobody noticed just how hot it was until it was too late!

In total we've managed to raise over £11,000!' Adrian

If you'd like to take part in your own fundraising event or challenge, check out our get involved page.

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Author: Daniel Dockery

Date: 23/08/2016

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