Savills hold a pub Olympics!

Savills are fundraising towards their Arctic Trek and got colleagues together for a pub Olympics!

1. Why did you choose this challenge?

We are fundraising towards our Dreams Come True Arctic Trek and wanted to get our work colleagues involved in a social event. As the Rio Olympics were due to kick off, we decided to make the evening into a ‘Pub Olympics’


2. Did you have to do any special preparation?

We held the event in a local bar, who gave us access to an area with beer pong and Ping Pong and an arrival drink for each participant, free of charge. We asked all participants to put themselves into teams of 5 with a team captain and team name ahead of the event .

We ran a raffle alongside the event, with prizes donated from local businesses.

4. How did you feel on the day and once it was completed?

The event was hard work keeping everyone organised without taking the fun out of the night but the feedback we got from the participants and raising £346 made it all worth while.

6. Any tips for others doing the same thing?

We charged £20 per team, which was donated to the charity, and we provided each participant with pizza before the events kicked off.

We arranged for each team to participate in 6 Events in total, split between 2 rounds, with the top three teams going through to round two. After both rounds the top two teams went head to head with a sudden death event to be crowned gold medal winners.

The Events included Javelin (make a paper aeroplane – the one that travels the furthest wins), Beer Pong, Ping Pong, Shooting (Toy guns with foam ‘bullets’ and tin cans), Pole Vault (drink a pint through a straw) and Shot Hurdles (3 shots in a row with cracker hurdles).

The sudden death was a take on ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ but we also had a thumb war game in reserve should we have needed a tie-breaker.

7. Anything else you would like to share?

We were really encouraged by the support our colleagues in the Leeds office showed through participating in the event or through the raffle. We have been asked to organise another themed social night in aid of Dreams Come True as soon as possible!


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Author: Hannah Attenburrow

Date: 09/08/2016

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