Our Leeds volunteering group provide an update on their activities

Find out what our Leeds volunteers are getting up to!

Aishat gives us an insight into the Leeds volunteer group

"On Saturday 16th July Aishat, Andrew and Vicki from The Dreams Come True UK Volunteering Group spent a couple of hours in the Leeds General Infirmary raising awareness for the charity. We set up a stall in the entrance with information leaflets, Dreams stories, balloons and much more. Everyone was very interested in the Dreams Come True charity and what we were raising money for. There were a few of donations made and we managed to raise £25.67. There was also a lot of positive feedback regarding what we do, with one lady commenting: "It's really fantastic what you're doing here" :). We now have an ongoing link with the Leeds General Infirmary for fundraising and raising awareness, so hopefully we will be back soon".

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Author: Daniel Dockery

Date: 27/07/2016

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