The X-Runner Mud Run

As a group of 12 we decided to do what’s called X Runner in April 2016 and raise money for Dreams Come True.

1.Describe your event and why you choose to do this particular one?
The event a 10k run with 60 obstacles in between ranging from water to mud challenges to test both endurance and teamwork.

Our event was The X-Runner Mud Run which was a 10km obstacle course with mentally and physically challenging obstacles.

This was a good event to choose because we do a regular Boot Camp class and it helps keep us motivated and gives training a purpose.

2. How long did it take you to train?

The event was to celebrate doing the Boot Camp classes for 1 year, so we were at a decent level of fitness to start with but we stepped up the training 8 weeks prior to the event and started doing more specific training like crawling, climbing walls and hanging on bars to increase our chance of completing the monkey bars!

3. Describe how you felt in three words.

Together, exhausted and COLD

There was different feeling from different people. I was excited some were nervous and some were scared of the unknown but after the run we were all on a high and feeling proud of ourselves.4. How did you feel on the day?

5. Most memorable moment.

At the end of the course there was a water slide (like a slip and slide) and it went on for ages and you really picked up some speed, for me that was the best obstacle.

6. Any tips for other doing the same thing.

Enjoy every moment and get stuck in.

7. Anything else you would like to share.

The charity were very helpful with organising there part of the whole thing so I would like to say thanks to them. I didn't expect it to be as personal as it was and it made us really want to complete for what they do as a charity.



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Author: Hannah Attenburrow

Date: 18/05/2016

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