Mitchell's Dream

Mitchell dreams of being a toy inventor, despite spending many hours in hospitals, this does not stop him from coming up with innovative ideas, which he would love to see come to fruition.

Mitchell is 20 years old and from Cheshire and dreams of being a toy inventor, despite spending many hours in hospitals, this does not stop him from coming up with innovative ideas, which he would love to see come to fruition.

When applying to Dreams Come True, Mitchell had been undergoing treatment for bone cancer which included having a metal prosthesis fitted in his leg. Unfortunately, there were many problems with the prosthesis meaning lengthy hospital stays and operations. Mitchell’s battle with cancer continues and he is currently undergoing further treatment.

Throughout it all, Mitchell’s positive attitude and his willingness to try and get on with life has always shone through.

The dream request was an unusual one for the Dreams Come True team. Whilst in hospital, Mitchell found himself coming up with toy ideas, one of which hit a chord with people around him as a really unique concept. Mitchell’s idea is based around a children’s interactive toy (the toy is top secret at this stage!) and he wanted the opportunity to present it to people in the toy industry. It was really important to Mitchell to be able to discuss his idea and have some focus away from his treatment.


Mitchell's Dream

Dreams Come True contacted Suzanne Robinson, product director at Carterbench Product Development Ltd, one of the world’s leading concept and creation houses for the toy industry. They immediately offered to meet Mitchell and discuss his ideas and tell him more about the mechanics of the toy industry, and even better, it was close to where Mitchell lives.

The visit was arranged early this year and Suzanne arranged a tailor-made programme for Mitchell, introducing him to what they do and more importantly discussing his idea with the design team. It was even mentioned that the idea would be discussed with their contacts in the US! Mitchell was unexpectedly admitted to hospital the weekend before and it was touch and go whether he would be able to attend the appointment, but Mitchell has shown resilience and determination all the way.

Suzanne contacted us after the visit and said: “What a remarkable guy. It was a pleasure to have Mitchell. We talked through the toy business and how we work, showing him many of our existing products, together with some new concepts and relevant videos. We took our time to review Mitchell’s toy idea and we plan to show it to a number of pre-school companies over the next few weeks. It was our privilege to be involved with Dreams Come True and we hope that Mitchell enjoyed his visit”.

Mitchell’s mum, Jayne, said: “As you know, Mitchell has been to hell and back the last three years with varying degrees of challenges and illness…However yesterday was the best medicine he has had in a long time. He came back beaming like a Cheshire cat, full of energy, whilst remaining very discreet and modest. ”

She complimented Suzanne and the team at Carterbench, saying they were “exceptional”. She said the opportunity to share Mitchell’s idea and dream, with such professionals was very therapeutic and exciting. “Mitchell has nurtured his idea and kept it under wraps, and it was privileged to see and discuss other ‘top secret’ concepts they shared with him. As a mum, you have to stand strong and show strength and support, but yesterday seeing Mitchell brought a tear to my eye because he was just so happy. A huge thank you for making yesterday happen and sticking with him for the last 3 years. As you know, Mitchell is a very determined young man and with your help he just may have opened a door to the future.”

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Author: Hannah Attenburrow

Date: 24/06/2015

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