Ian Hill—Matthew’s father-- Shares his Experience.

Ian Hill, Matthew’s father, has shared some honest and enlightening details on how 15q has affected the family.

Recently, Dreams Come True has been working to fulfil the dream of 4-year-old Matthew, who needs a special travel bed so that his whole family can make trips to visit his grandparents. Matthew suffers from duplication 15q, a rare chromosome disorder that has particularly affected his sense of danger.

Ian Hill, Matthew’s father, has shared some honest and enlightening details on how 15q has affected the family. At first, they found it hard to believe that something was wrong with Matthew: “As summer passed to autumn and in turn winter his development lagged in many areas, milestones were missed but child development specialists told us to just wait and see, deep down I still held a fear something was wrong, but denial stood firm.”

When the diagnosis finally arrived, Ian and his wife realized that their whole lives were about to change. Ian said, “Like with many Dads I had unrealistic hopes and dreams, Matthew was going to play football for my team, Manchester United! I already had him down as their future centre forward, dream shattered! Football in the park? Shattered! University? Shattered! Matthew’s future independence? Shattered!”

They realized that they would no longer be able to take many things for granted, and that everyone in the family would have to adjust to accommodate Matthew’s condition.

Despite the initial shock of the diagnosis, Ian soon found his resolve to become the best father he could be for Matthew, a wonderful boy whose smile can melt a thousand hearts.

Ian explained: “Slowly the haze that had shrouded me for the past 5 months began to clear, we had an answer on diagnosis and now I had to be strong! I was Matthew’s Dad, his advocate, his rock! I also needed to be there for Debbie and the girls, my attitude began to change and new found strength followed, I realised that if I crumbled it would affect the business, my wife and all of my kids and all were far too important to me.”

Ian noticed that Matthew responded to the positivity that the whole family showed towards his condition, and while he is still behind his milestones for his age, he is making some progress.

Ian, his wife and their other two children are inspirational examples of the impact of strength and positivity on families in similar situations.

Today, Ian says: “I am Matthew’s Dad, just an ordinary bloke with amazing kids and an incredible wife who is stronger than she will ever admit, who in a short space of time has been elated, deflated, devastated, touched by the kindness of friends and family and become wiser and stronger and all from someone so young.

He is Matthew, he has duplication 15q but duplication 15q does not have him!”

To read Ian’s full story click here.

To donate and make Matthew’s dream of a special travel bed come true by the summer holidays, follow this link.

Matthew's Dream

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Author: Hannah

Date: 17/07/2017

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