Luci and her sewing machine

Luci is only 20, but due to two debilitating illnesses, she has had to grow up quickly. Read how her dream sewing machine could be about to change her life.

Luci and her sewing machine

Luci is only 20, but due to two debilitating illnesses, she has had to grow up quickly. She has already survived Leukaemia and is currently battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dreams Come True have helped Luci realise her life-long dream of owning her ‘forever’ sewing machine and making a living from her passion for ‘making uniquely beautiful things’.

In 2006, when Lucy was still at school, she was feeling constantly tired. At first, she didn’t think anything was wrong, she thought it was only mild lethargy and just got on with it, but then her health deteriorated. After a visit to her doctor, she was told that she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

CFS also known as ME (myalgic encephalopathy) is a medical condition that causes persistent fatigue. Other symptoms include widespread muscle and joint pain, problems with concentration, dizziness and difficulties with sleep. After just a few months of coping with her diagnosis, Luci’s health gradually began to worsen. She was extremely ill and very weak and developed some worrying symptoms unrelated to her CFS. Luci’s mother became increasingly concerned and after seeking advice from a consultant, she called an ambulance and Luci was rushed to hospital where further tests revealed she had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

It was a shock for Luci to be diagnosed with Leukaemia, but also a slight comfort as it explained why she was feeling so ill and she felt safe in the knowledge that something could be done to make her feel better. Looking back, she feels lucky that her body was able to fight the disease, despite feeling so weak.

She was monitored closely at hospital and her family were told the early days of chemotherapy were critical. If her body reacted badly to the treatment she could have died. Over the next two years she took one day at a time and there were difficult times where her family were unsure as to whether she would make it. She stopped treatment on 16th May, 2009, a date she said she will never forget.

Although she made a full recovery from the Leukaemia, after just a few months Luci’s CFS had returned. Luci has good days and bad days, as her condition can vary considerably. This means she spends most of her time resting at home, and isn’t able to do very much. No matter how tired she feels, she will gently push herself to achieve something every day and it could be anything from walking to the post box to baking cakes, which is her other passion. Despite her illness she tries to find hobbies and ways of achieving things within her capabilities.

When it came to asking Dreams Come True for a dream, initially, Luci would have liked an exotic holiday, but because of her illness, she knew she wouldn’t have the energy to enjoy it. Her condition meant she was not even able to consider going away somewhere in the UK, let alone flying to a tropical land. Having seriously contemplated what she wanted for a dream, her mum suggested a sewing machine. This was a life changing dream…as Luci would like to make a living doing this.

Luci wanted to get a top quality sewing machine because she said this is her ‘forever sewing machine’. It does everything from simple stitching to upholstery, so she has plenty of options for her future creations. Luci comes from a long line of seamstresses, her great grandmother was a tailor and the skills have been passed down the generations to Luci. The sewing machine has given Luci something positive to focus on, and she’s loving being able to create unique beautiful things.

“I was so thrilled when I was given a wish by Dreams Come True! I’ve always wanted to make my own clothing and textiles, so decided that it would be fantastic to have a sewing machine. We went to the shop to pick it up, and they showed me how to thread the machine. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to get it out the box and have a go! On the way home we stopped and had tea and scones at a little tea shop, just to mark the occasion!

Thank you so much to everyone, this sewing machine means so much to me as it will give me the chance to make lots of lovely things in the comfort of my own home, and I’m hoping it will become my career as well. Thank you for the chance to achieve my dream!”

Luci is on a path dedicated to helping other people and is a true inspiration, she volunteers for a cancer charity and she’s become involved in helping to improve healthcare for young people.

“Science has given me a life and I want to use that life and give something back.”

Without a doubt, Luci’s illness has changed her life, “I have had to grow up quickly. I think without my illness, I would have been more selfish, but being so ill has made me appreciate the gift of life.”

Luci says although she has hit rock bottom with her illness she remains positive and optimistic about her future. “I know I am fortunate, I know I have a future.” She has high hopes and ambitions and we can’t wait to see where her sewing will take her.

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Author: Hannah

Date: 17/04/2014

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