Dreams Come True’s Inaugural Dreams and Dreamers Charity Gala Raises over 125,000 pounds

Last night, guests at the Dreams and Dreamers Charity gala rubbed shoulders with waxwork stars from Barak Obama to David and Victoria Beckham.

Charity Gala sees guests, including HRH Princess Michael of Kent, among the stars at Madame Tussauds

Dreams Come True, 31st March 2017: Last night, guests at the Dreams and Dreamers Charity gala rubbed shoulders with waxwork stars from Barak Obama to David and Victoria Beckham. The gala hosted Dreams Come True’s Royal Patron, HRH Princess Michael of Kent.

Guests raised over £125,000 for children’s charity Dreams Come True. The money will go towards making 100 children and young people with serious and life limiting conditions, dreams come true.

One young person that will benefit from the gala is 21-year-old Georgia. She has lived with cerebral palsy since childhood and has limited mobility. Like most young adults, Georgia would love to get out and see the world. Her brother, Jamie, lives in Houston, USA and she would dearly like to visit him.  Although she has contact with Jamie via Skype and WhatsApp, it would be a dream come true to see her brother in his American home and spend quality time together.  

Dreams Come True’s Royal Patron, HRH Princess Michael of Kent said during her speech last night: “Everyone has a dream, and fulfilling one's dream is powerful and transformative. For children and young people with serious and life threatening conditions, it gives a chance to achieve, to learn, to grow and to accomplish. It gives empowerment, independence and control in their lives and a sense of normal-ness for the whole family.

“Over the years, Dreams Come True has changed the lives of many thousands of children and young people with serious and life threatening conditions, as well as their families.   I am struck by the determination of Dreams Come True to reach more children and young people who, with help and encouragement, can fulfil their dreams and aspirations.”

Helen Brownstone, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Dreams Come True said: “Dream fulfilment is hugely important to young people living with serious conditions. Dreams can be as simple as a family weekend away or a specialised tricycle so they can play outside with their friends. It allows young people and their families to escape the world of hospitals and treatment and spend quality time together as a family, creating cherished memories for a lifetime. We are hugely grateful to everyone who attended last night and are looking forward to making more of our dream families dreams come true.”

Helen Brownstone, Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Dreams Come True and HRH Princess Michael of Kent

Dream child Jenny, who had her dream of having her own all terrain trike come true, also attended the event to share her story and the impact Dreams Come True have had on her life: “In 2014 I had a cycling accident and was paralysed from the waist down. The lives of myself and my family were turned upside down. To have all independence stripped away is a challenge, especially as I was a keen cyclist and lover of the outdoors before my accident. To get back into the surrounding countryside was something I wanted desperately.

“Dreams Come True fulfilled my dream of having an all terrain trike and words cannot describe how fantastic it felt to get back outside in the fresh air. The trike has increased my independence no end. The more I use it, the stronger and better I become. I am now able to get into and out of it without assistance, so can take myself out without having to rely on my family.

“With increased independence, I believe in myself and my abilities much more and I am more confident. It’s great feeling like a normal 18 year old, and has made me realise I can’t let my disability get in the way of me leading a normal life. Having my mountain trike has helped me learn that having a disability hasn’t ruined my life, just changed the way I live it. I can still enjoy it.”

To book your place at the Dreams and Dreamers Ball Gala 2018, please contact Helen Brownstone: Helen@dreamscometrue.uk.com.


To download photos from the evening, please click here: http://goo.gl/mxjpdE

Photo Credit: Andy Cracknell – The Photographer – London. Corporate, Event & Wedding Photography – http://www.bsmphotography.co.uk

About Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True is a national children’s charity serving the whole of the UK. Our mission is simply to make dreams come true for children with serious and life-limiting conditions.

Over the last 25 years we have brought happiness and joy to more than five thousand children as well as their families and carers.

Our Vision:

That every child or young person with a serious or life-limiting condition has the opportunity to fulfil a dream.

Registered as a Charity in England and Wales (800248) and in Scotland (SC043878)





For further information, please contact Claire or Sian at Bright Bee on behalf of Dreams Come True: Dreamscometrue@brightbeepr.co.uk //+44 (0) 208 819 3170 


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Author: Hannah Attenburrow

Date: 31/03/2017

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