Sophie talks to us about being a volunteer.

Sophie chats to us about life as a #DreamMaker

Hi there! My name is Sophie Walker and I have been volunteering with Dreams Come True since August 2016. 

I am volunteering with the charity as their first University placement student through the University of Leeds. 

My position is an ever-changing exciting role with different challenges and skills needed everyday. That is why I am finding the placement so worthwhile as there is never a similar day. I am working with the development volunteer teams across the North; Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and the newly formed Sheffield. I have seen these teams form and grow as a group helping to raise awareness of the charity in the local areas, increase community involvement, and begin to plan and carry out fundraising events for Dreams.

I also work with the HeadStart programme, this programme is all about getting young people involved in volunteering and giving back to their local communities while gaining the skills they need for their future development and careers. Two groups took on a project with Dreams Come True where they learnt about how charities work, awareness raising in the community and planning and carrying out a fundraising event. 

I am primarily based in Manchester and that is where the first development team I lead are located. This team have been a pleasure to work with and have been successful in planning a range of events that increased referrals such as our christmas party in conjunction with Ronald McDonald House Manchester, engaging with the community as we were chosen as charity of the year by a local Orthodontics practice, The Turret. And also carrying out fundraising events such as our posh bingo evening, christmas advent appeals and planned events such as an afternoon tea with beauty demo’s and a potential event in conjunction with a local leisure centre so watch this space! 

The other teams I have been working with also have planned events in their futures and are looking to build those all important community ties, this is a really exciting time for the charity and the only way is up!

This placement has undoubtedly provided me with so many skills I need for the future, for example leadership which is such an important skills for so many jobs. Teamwork, communication and confidence as I have learnt how to be a confident leader and make sure the people around me are happy and comfortable, creativity and innovation as charity is all about thinking outside the box and coming up with the most exciting ways to get people involved! 

Most importantly though I think that Dreams Come True is such an amazing cause and seeing the hard work and dedication the staff put in really brings it home how important it is to think about those families that Dreams helps and what we can all do to give them what they deserve! 

If you are interested in getting involved in Volunteering I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to contact Dreams and they will welcome you with open arms! 

If you would like to volunteer please contact Claire.

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Author: Hannah Attenburrow

Date: 24/02/2017

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