Volunteers can bring a wealth of skills and experience that are essential to the work we do at Dreams Come True. In return we aim to make your time with us a rewarding experience for you.

There are many different ways you can volunteer with us but the most important thing to remember is to have fun! 

Contact Claire for more information and to get involved. 


Volunteering Group Roles

Volunteering groups can be very effective and rewarding for all involved as you work together to achieve goals.

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Group Team Leader Roles

We are currently recruiting team leaders for new groups in 2016.

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Lend a skill or service

Do you have a skill that could help us or do you work for a company that can support us with pro bono work?

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Help at an event

Help give motivation to our runners, swimmers, cyclists and become part of a cheering squad. We also need help in other ways at our events.

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Volunteering at university or college

Many of our Challenge Champions are students at college or university. They have thee things in common, energy, enthusiasm and a taste for adventure!

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Community volunteering

We are always thrilled to welcome volunteers who are passionate about representing Dreams Come True in their local communities. There are many ways you can work within your community.

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