Pam Lyddon

Bright Star Digital

Pam Lyddon

Pam said she is very proud to be championing Dreams Come True as it is a charity very close to her heart.

“When I was young, one of my twin brothers died from a rare genetic disorder. It was like a piece of my body had been ripped out.”

Pam was the older sibling and was only 19 when her brother Mark died. She said the whole dynamic of her family changed, the loss was immense and hard to comprehend: “These were my boys and I was their little mummy.” Pam’s mum had been a nurse and cared for her brother and her family pulled together and despite the complexities of having a severely ill sibling with a debilitating condition, Pam said she never felt excluded.

Pam is now a mum of two young children and when she looks back on the difficult years, when Mark was ill, she admits it would have been lovely for him to have a dream. “It would have been wonderful for our family to have those special memories created by Dreams come true but I have to say we have some lovely family memories in the time we had with Mark. Knowing someone with a terminal illness shapes you.”

Pam is a wonderful ambassador for dreams because of her digital and broadcast expertise. She is incredibly dynamic and runs her own Digital PR/Broadcast company Bright Star Digital, which she set up in 2009. She has many creative skills from assisting launching AOL Europe, AOL Australia and to radio presenting. “I have lots of media experience, lots of fingers in different pies and worked with many celebrities, but more importantly, I want to bring my personal experience as I know what Dream Comes True families are going through. I really hope I can make a difference to this wonderful charity.”