Adrian Shandley

Premier Wealth Management

Adrian Shandley

Adrian Shandley is the Managing Director of Premier Wealth Management, a Specialist Investment Firm with offices in London and the North West of England.

Having worked in the investment world for 30 years, Adrian became Managing Director at Premier Wealth Management 10 years ago. He was a Trustee for four years and after retiring from the Chair has continued to be involved as a charity champion. As well as having an exceptionally busy professional career, Adrian is also a keen runner, having run many Marathons and Ultra events. Adrian is 47, married to Gillian, and has three children Jordan, Talitha and Kayla.

Adrian's only on going disappointment in life is his long standing support of Southport Football club!

Why Dreams Come True?

My involvement with Dreams Come True initially came about through two coincidental events. Firstly, a long time friend of mine was running the London Marathon and raising money for the Charity. Secondly, a client had a daughter who was very seriously ill and had a dream fulfilled by the Charity.

The more you get to know Dream Come True as a Charity, and in particular the staff that drive the organisation, the more committed you become to their cause. Since my initial involvement I have raised significant sums of money for the Charity through sporting and sponsored activities, and I became a Trustee three years ago, taking the Chair in the middle of 2012.

There are a lot of Charities competing for funds and most of them have very worthwhile causes, but, for me personally, Dreams Come True is a very special organisation. Although being a Trustee is a huge commitment and a lot of hard work, it is all worthwhile when you see the dreams delivered to our Dream Children.