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I caught up with Head of Dreams, Martin Plowman, who told me about some of the good things that have been happening, from the start of the summer holidays, to a special dream coming up with The Who.

Martin Plowman

Over the coming months I'll be catching up over a cup of tea with some of the team here at Dreams Come True to get more of an idea about what goes on behind the scenes to fulfill dreams. First up is the Head of Dreams himself, Martin Plowman, who told me about some of the exciting things that have been happening in the last month...

It is now that time of that year when the schools break up, which means that for 6 weeks I do not have to make packed lunches and can actually pull out of the road on our estate in less than 10 minutes...yay! It is also great to wake up to such bright mornings at 5.00 am – should I get up and make use of this time though?...nope, I’ll just lie there.

Working on dreams is as busy as ever but a personal highlight for me is a request that came into see The Who in concert in Glasgow. I am a long term fan myself so was thrilled to see this, especially as it is likely to be the last time they will tour. I am looking forward to adding to this dream by hopefully arranging a meet and greet with the band - all you can do is ask and see what happens. 

Another major event in the last two weeks has been the updating of our computer system, due to some of our individual computers being technology wise like Bruce Forsythe - they still work but you’re not sure how. It is like having a new car - you find a button, you don't know what it does, you press it and are still none the wiser as to what has happened. I have to say though it all looks very flash and is really going to help us to deliver more dreams, more effectively.

One of the best parts of my job is hearing from the families how their dream went and how much it has meant to them. There have been some great stories so far this year and what makes a great story even better are some great digital photos of the dream, it means an awful lot to us as coordinators and to our fundraisers as well. Many of these photos are available to look at in the Dream Stories section of the website.

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Author: Michelle Chenery

Date: 24/07/2014

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