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Top motivational training tips from Olivia Breen.

Top 10 Training and Motivation tips

  1. Get lots of sleep! I get more tired than most people because of my cerebral palsy but I think getting plenty of rest and recovering properly is a really important training tip!
  2. Make it as fun as possible! Not all training is fun - some of it is really hard work! I think I'm a bit crazy as I like training in the rain and doing hard sessions like hill running. But it's always more fun doing sessions like this with someone else - you can push one another and share the pain!
  3. Eat well! Having a varied and healthy diet is really important to keep you energised! I love good food and the more colours I can see on my plate the better! Trying to keep food varied is also important as you can get bored with eating the same old thing and start reaching for the biscuit tin! I try to make sure I always have some healthy snacks like homemade protein balls so I have some healthy snacks readily available.
  4. Have realistic goals! To keep motivated it is really good to have something to aim for whether it be to run a bit further or a bit faster by a certain date. It is really encouraging to be able to see this progress. 
  5. Keep a training diary. If you keep a regular note of what you have done in the gym or on the track it is encouraging to see when you are making gains. 
  6. Take training holidays! Obviously training is my job. I love it so much. However, you can get stuck in a rut with training and taking breaks is really important. I have just spent nearly two weeks in New York and Miami. It was amazing and I kept training the whole time when I was able. However by the end of the holiday I found I was missing my training routine and can't wait to get back to my coach and training group
  7. Get to know your body. Don't train when you are ill as you can end up making yourself worse or injured.
  8. Keep a balance. Staying fit and healthy should be a way of life and part of your life but not the only part of it. Having the odd treat is important to keep balance in your life.
  9. Keep your fitness regime varied so you don't get bored with doing the same thing all the time.
  10. Be positive! The power of positive thinking is really important! 

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Author: Olivia Breen

Date: 24/01/2017

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