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Hi I'm Mia Thorne, I wanted to keep you updated on what I have been doing for the past few months. Hmmmm.... where to begin...

Hi I'm Mia Thorne, I wanted to keep you updated on what I have been doing for the past few months.

Hmmmm.... where to begin...

First of all, in November I travelled up to London to go to the CYP now awards (Children and young person of the year) I was lucky enough to be one of the finalists and couldn't believe I was the only kid there! I got to wear a pretty pink dress and my mother’s makeup haha. They all said that they had never had a kid nominated before let alone be invited as a finalist. They all thought it was my mother getting the award and not me, they all started taking photos of my mam but then they realised it was me. My dad ate nearly all of our food, lucky we had fish and chips in our room before we went down. Although I loved and ate all of my dessert!

We got too see lots of London but it was in a taxi, I hope we can go back and see more this year as it looked cool.

In December I had a meeting with Santander bank in Ponty because they said they would help me raise money for Dreams Come True. Claire and Michael from Dreams came down to the meeting but I didn't know Michael was coming so I was quiet (that's not like me haha). We are going to be doing a fundraiser next month, I got to show them both my park. Michael wouldn’t go on the roundabout because he said it would make him sick, chicken haha. Just as my mam jinxed it and said it was quite up here. Next thing you know there's a copper at our door because of the man next door can't park. Claire and Michael must have learned some new Welsh words but not very nice ones lol.

The next day I went to the Diana award ceremony in Cardiff. My family came with me and Claire and Michael. They all seemed to know my name, who I was and what I have done. I felt like a mini celeb. There were loads of people there and I had to go up on stage and say a speech, I thought I did good although I could have said more. I got to meet Loraine Cato and I saw Tess from the Diana award. Tess took me to loads of people to have my photo done.

We sneaked out of there early and got to go ice skating for me to show Claire and Michael how much I've improved. Michael blamed his bad ice skating and barrier crashes on his blue boots. My dad and my sister came on the ice with me to, it was fun skating with them all and having the rink to ourselves. When I showed Michael how to jump he dropped his phone, maybe he should get an iPhone like me and not a 1920s one haha.

When we went for food in Cardiff we watched my mam and Michael chase the lady from Capital FM to promote the Dreams Come True ball. After that when we sat and ate our food we all talked about different ways to raise money for Dreams Come True.

In December I had an interview with ITV Wales to tell them all I've done with the Welsh assembly, fundraising and my ice skating challenge. They asked my loads of questions and the producer started to cry when I was saying my friends don't understand.


So far this year (2017) I have been on TV, in a magazine and in a few newspapers promoting my challenge and have raised over 2,500 already. I have even got Frankie and Benny’s helping out at the ice hockey event in Cardiff to help raise more money for Dreams.

I am still working hard on my training had a few falls some hurt and some didn't. I have bruised my back after I fell last week, so I'm having a week off ice skating as its still hurting this week when I sit down and lie down. I think I'm doing well and can't wait to show everybody, I only have a few months left to practice. I have loads planned already this year so watch this space

- Mia

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Author: Mia Thorne

Date: 13/01/2017

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