Dreams Come True

Podcast: making the perfect cup of tea

Malcolm Ferris Lay

Milk first or second? Does a china cup make tea taste better? To dunk or not to dunk?

We all have opinions on what makes a great cup of tea. Dream Tea ambassdor and tea guru, Malcolm Ferris-Lay gives his advice on the essentials for a great cuppa.

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Michelle Chenery
Date: 14/01/2015
Author: Michelle Chenery


Margaret Baxter "Enjoy your tea" is good advice. And I absolutely agree with Malcolm's instructions for brewing up, which are much like those on my own site (if I may be permitted to give it a little plug? http://www.hearttohome.co.uk/tea-cosy - I hope that's okay). I find that you can seldom get a really good cup of tea in a cafe or a restaurant compared to the tea you make yourself at home if, as Malcolm says, you really "enjoy your tea" - in my book, that means you won't settle for a second rate cuppa.

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