Dreams Come True

A year of the Power of Dreams

I’m not sure how it got to December - this year just seems to have gone so fast!

It has been just over a year since I started working on the Power of Dreams project and so much has happened. The most exciting parts for me have really been the last few months where I’ve been lucky enough to start talking to children, young people and families about their dream experiences. I’m so grateful to the families who gave up some of their time to tell me about their stories...I don’t think I really knew what to expect in any way. I thought I would hear how much fun the holidays, trips and meetings with sport and music heroes were, I thought I’d hear that the adventures, family time and special experiences helped - but I did not expect to hear these stories told in such an honest, open and detailed way. I was especially impressed by some of the children and young siblings’ reflections of illness, sibling death and of course their own dream experiences. It has really made me think about children’s concepts of illness and the maturation process.

After my first set of interviews l transcribed everything word for word...I listened and typed and listened and typed for what seemed like days! Doing this meant that I caught things that I didn’t get first time round - links that I perhaps didn’t quite understand initially, differences in tone - because I was so busy trying to listen, construct the next question in my head and process everything I was hearing. It was such a useful thing to do, and every time I read them again, I see yet more. I have interviewed five families now and I can’t wait for next year to complete my fieldwork.

I feel really lucky to be working with such a great organisation, and have loved hearing the dream stories so far! I’m going to be spending the next few weeks in Scotland doing more transcribing and analysis before heading back out to find out more about what impact dream fulfilment has had on the children, young people and families who have had a dream come true.

Jayne Galinsky
Date: 10/12/2013
Author: Jayne Galinsky


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