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All ready for All Stars

My name is Michael and I'm a volunteer with Dreams Come True. At last year's UK Charity Allstars tournament, I had the pleasure of meeting Mia Thorne and her family. After watching the Dream Team on the ice, Mia decided to embark on the challenge of a lifetime. 

This weekend I was down in Cardiff and spent some time with Mia Thorne and her family ahead of Mia's upcoming skating challenge at the UK Charity Allstars tournament on 29th/30th July.

Mia had been ill most of the week and was extremely tired but she was determined to get on the ice on Sunday morning to show me how much she'd improved.

I last saw Mia skate in December after around 3 months of lessons. She was coming on well then but on Sunday she absolutely blew me away with her progress. To see the determination to get that little bit more practice in despite feeling unwell was extremely inspirational.

After we got off the ice, I asked Mia a few questions about her challenge.

How do you feel about your challenge in a few weeks?

I feel really happy and nervous. I'm really excited though.

What has been the hardest part of this challenge so far?

When I first started learning it was really hard

What have you enjoyed most?

I really enjoyed practising with the stick and puck. I've really enjoyed my lessons with Sam as well. (Sam Motton is an ice skating coach based in Cardiff who has helped Mia with 1-1 lessons in his own time.)

Are you looking forward to cheering on the dream team?

Yeah because it's going to be really good and I want them to win. Hopefully lots of people will come and watch and support.

Do you have any questions about hockey?

MT: Is it hard being in a team?

MW: It’s sometimes hard but the best thing about playing in a team is all of your friends around you who help you when you might be feeling tired or not playing very well. Everyone on the Dream Team is really supportive of each other.

What advice have you got for the Dream Team at Allstars?

Try your best and don't give up.

Are you proud of what you've achieved?

I'm proud of the amount of the money I've raised. Thank you to everyone that's sponsored me.

The money will help other children’s dreams come true and I'm really happy about that.

If you'd like to sponsor the ice hockey team and help even more children, you can visit my fundraising page.

After meeting Mia and her family at last year's Allstars event, it's been fantastic to keep in regular contact with them and follow Mia's progress. Mia's older sister Megan has also started to learn to skate and is turning into a very good figure skater! This has meant long, cold mornings at Ice Arena Wales for both Karene and Rob but the whole family's dedication to Mia's challenge has been amazing.

I'm looking forward to heading back to Cardiff in two weeks’ time for the UK Charity Allstars tournament and seeing all Mia's hard work come to fruition.

She has been a complete inspiration to me every day since I met her and I hope myself and the rest of the Dream Team can do Mia and Dreams Come True proud.

The UK Charity Allstars event takes place at Ice Arena Wales on 29th/30th July 2017. The Dreams Come True team have raised almost £18,000 so far.

Date: 18/07/2017
Author: Micheal


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