Dreams Come True

Noah's Dream Story

Three-year old Noah has cerebral palsy affecting all four of his limbs. He watches his friends playing outside on their bikes and his dream was to have his own bike so he can join in. Since receiving his specially-adapted bike he has gained so much independence, as well as improving his fitness and strengthen his leg muscles.  He can now be seen cycling up and down his road with his friends with a huge smile on his face.

Noah was really excited when his trike arrived, mum Sasha told us he absolutely loves it! Tomcat, the company who made the trike, advises at first, a child should only spend about 5 minutes on it, but Noah loved it so much he was on for 20! His parents were worried that he’d be tired or achy, but the next day but he was absolutely fine. Noah’s so keen, he’s on the trike whenever he can.

Noah’s mum Sasha said Noah works very hard every day at his physiotherapy so it is lovely for him to keep fit, having fun. Noah can now ride together with his neighbour, who has just learnt to ride a bike. On the street where he lives, all the neighbours go out and play together and socially the bike has been a brilliant way for Noah to make new friends.

Noah has been surprising his mum with his independence. The other day, she turned round from opening the garage door to put Noah’s trike away for him when he promptly rode it in himself! The only problem now is that Noah loves his trike so much that he is too excited to wait until he is strapped in before he can out and play!

“Noah loves his tricycle, it has given him a new-found freedom and it is lovely to see him playing outside with other children. It will also help his fitness levels as Noah is able to exercise his leg muscles via the motion of cycling. Thank you so much Dreams Come True.”

Sasha, Noah’s mum


Hannah Attenburrow
Date: 17/07/2015
Author: Hannah Attenburrow


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