Dreams Come True

Connor's Story

Connor has a condition called Phelan McDermaid Syndrome. This is a rare genetic disorder with only about a 1000 cases world-wide. Its symptoms are wide ranging and the instances of certain characteristics vary but include always include Global Developmental Delay but can also include kidney problems and problems with epilepsy as well as traits such as a high tolerance to pain for example.


Connor’s Mum, Lindsay wrote "Connor does not take in many things but he absolutely loves wrestling (John Cena especially).  He hasn’t said he would like to meet him as he would never think he was real, but I know it would be amazing from him."

connor 2

Tickets and a meet were arranged for the family at the LG Arena in Birmingham. Connor got to meet the man himself, John Cena. Connor was ecstatic.  John asked if Connor had any questions to which Connor just gave him a hug – simple enough answer we thought – and addressed him as ‘Mr John Cena’ throughout the meet. He also received a big goody bag and put his ‘T’ Shirt on straight away.

dreams come true

Martin Plowman, Head of Dreams at the Charity said "In my time at WWE Events I have never seen anyone so happy and excited during a match.  He lived and breathed every fall, slap, punch, much to the genuine amusement of those around him.  He was a great young man to be with at this event."

Hannah Attenburrow
Date: 13/05/2015
Author: Hannah Attenburrow


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