Dreams Come True

Rodney's dream has been fulfilled!


Name: Rodney
Age: 8
Date Fulfilled: 18/06/2017
Status: Dream Fulfilled
Summary: Being a huge fan of Formula 1, Rodney’s dream was to meet Lewis Hamilton.

From London, 8 year old Rodney has cerebral palsy and chronic lung disease.

Rodney's Dream Story

Rodney's dream come true

Rodney is 8 years old and lives with his family in London. Rodney has cerebral palsy, chronic lung disease, visual impairment and learning difficulties. He is also wheelchair dependant.

Rodney is a huge fan of the Formula 1 and he watches ALL the races. During race season Rodney gets up even in the early hours of the morning to watch the races live from Australia and Asia. The F1 plays a huge part in his life.

Rodney describes himself as Lewis Hamilton’s number one fan so it was no surprise that Rodney’s dream was to meet his idol. With help from the staff at Mercedes F1 and Hillingdon Community Transport we were able to make his dream come true.

Rodney had a few questions prepared for his idol:

  • What’s your favourite track? Lewis couldn’t decide
  • Which football team do you support? Lewis supports Arsenal
  • Are you friends with any of the drivers? Lewis said, “We are more competitors than friends.”
  • Who is your best friend? Lewis’ best friend is someone he met on his first day of secondary school and they are still very good friends to this day.

Rodney and Lewis Hamilton spent some more time talking and just before they came to the end of their meet Lewis asked Rodney if he had any more questions, to which Rodney replied, “Why are you losing the championship?” Rodney’s Mum gasped as his comment came as quite a shock but Lewis laughed and said, “I’m doing my best mate!”

Rodney gave Lewis a card he had made. On the front were two cars racing and Rodney spectating.  Sebastian Vettel was in a Ferrari and Lewis in a Mercedes.  Hamilton was in the front and Vettel was a long way behind.  Rodney had written a speech bubble next to Lewis that said “Hamilton is the winner” and next to Rodney it said “You’re the best Lewis”. 

Lewis loved the card, it made him laugh and Rodney looked so proud.  Inside Rodney had written about his love of Formula 1, of being Lewis’ biggest fan and how when his legs hurt and he doesn’t want to do his exercises. Rodney’s family encourage him by saying if he does his exercises he can watch Lewis racing and it works every time.  Lewis praised Rodney and encouraged him to carry on with his exercises.

As an extra surprise Rodney also got to meet Valteri Bottas.  He couldn’t believe it and is now a fan of Valteri too. Rodney now has photos with both drivers and signed caps.

“I would like to thank you for making my son Rodney's dream come true.  He will cherish the moment he met Lewis Hamilton for the rest of his life.  Our family would also like to thank you for the special day you laid on for us; it has been one of the best days of our life,” Rodney’s Mum. 

If you would like to help more children and young people like Rodney fulfil their dreams, please follow this link to donate. Thank you.

Rodney's Story in Pictures

Rodney's Dream

Date: 18/06/2017
Status: Dream Fulfilled

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