Dreams Come True

Dream waiting for: David


Name: David
Age: 20
Status: Dream Outstanding
Summary: David has a cancer of the lymphatic system.

His dream is to go on holiday to Singapore.

He lives in Norfolk and is 19 years old.

David's Dream

19 year old student David has Hodgkin Lymphoma,  a cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system. 

David lives in Norfolk. 

He wrote “My dream is to go to Singapore as well as other Asian countries which I can swim.  I have chosen this dream as I would like to try something out of my comfort zone and always wanted to travel to Asia.  To have this dream fulfilled would feel like I have been given back the time that was taken from me whilst undergoing treatment.”

I want to help make David's dream come true by making a donation.

Status: Dream Outstanding

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