Dreams Come True

Dream waiting for: Matthew


Name: Matthew
Age: 3
Status: Dream Outstanding
Summary: 3 year old Matthew from Cheshire would like a specialised travel bed so that he would be able to have sleep-overs at his Grandparents house.

Matthew has a condition which causes severe global developmental delay.

Matthew's Dream

Matthew is only 3 and has a rare chromosome disorder called Duplication 15q syndrome or (IDIC15). This affects all aspects of Matthew’s physical and neurological development. His communication is very limited and he is not able to use speech.  

Dad Ian wrote "As a family we love to take a break from home each school holiday to stay at Debbie’s (my wife) parents in the Lake District where they live. This gives Matthew and his sibling Ella and Emily time with their Grandparents and the chance for Matthew to spend time on walks (being carried in a backpack) in the Lakes. Being outdoors is something Matthew really enjoys. Matthew is too big for his travel cot and as he has no awareness of danger, cannot be allowed to sleep in a standard bed as he would wander the bedroom at night. This would mean we can no longer visit his Grandparents to stay for safety fears and they live 130 miles from home so it would be too far to visit for a day due to Matthews condition.

Our daughters would also miss out greatly as a result as this provides great respite for them too as young carers in addition to the stimulation the time away provides for Matthew.

The travel bed would also allow us to be able to go away on holiday or stay in hotels safe in the knowledge that Matthew can sleep safely and in a familiar environment of "his own bed", as a symptom of Matthew's condition is autistic type behaviour and routine is key to keeping him happy and settled. 

This dream being fulfilled will allow Matthew to be able to see his Grandparents on a regular basis, do the thing he loves and stay away from home on trips which are so essential a part of a "normal" childhood. “  

I want to help make Matthew's dream come true by making a donation.

Status: Dream Outstanding

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