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Matthew's Appeal

Like most other 4-year-olds, Matthew is a whirlwind of energy and happiness, with a fascination for wheels, water and the great outdoors. To see Matthew outside playing with his two older sisters and jumping on his mum and dad, you wouldn’t think he was any different to other little boys his age. Matthew has been diagnosed with chromosome duplication 15q Syndrome (IDIC15) which is very rare, affecting only 1 in 30,000 and causes severe global development delay amongst a number of other symptoms.

Today, Matthew has the development age of a 12-month-old in a four-year old’s body. He is unable to speak and it is possible that he never will. He doesn’t understand the concept of danger like a four-year-old would he can never be let alone or unattended. When he was first diagnosed with Chromosome Duplication 15q the doctors told Debbie and Ian that they ‘had to grieve for the little boy they thought they had’. 

Ian’s dreams of taking Matthew to play football were shattered, a dream that hit him particularly hard one day when out on a run past the local pitches where other dads were dropping their little ones off to play for their junior teams. He noted how "Sometimes it is the small things that catch you unawares that hit the hardest". 

One of Matthew’s big loves is being outdoors. During most school holiday's the family head to the Lake District to spend time with Matthew's grandparents. As a family –and especially for Matthew’s sisters - this gives them the break from the day to day routine, it allows them to relax together and it gives them the freedom to be outside. Ian says: “The girls [Matthew’s sisters] are young carers really – they take it on themselves, but it can be hard, so it’s important for us to get away as a family and spend time with grandparents.”

Matthew's Appeal

Sadly, these trips – trips to grandparents that many families take for granted - have had to come to an end as Matthew has outgrown his travel cot. This makes it dangerous to put him down for bed. Matthew has a lack of understanding of danger and therefore cannot sleep in a normal bed. It is just too risky for him to get up and start wandering around by himself. It is the family’s dream to be able to continue their trips and for this they need a special travel bed that will keep Matthew safe at night.

“We don’t know what the future holds for Matthew, we don’t know how his condition is going to affect him long-term. But today, we want to be able to spend time with Matthew’s grandparents, to enjoy the simple things of being outdoors in the lake district and to have the time and space to be a family. To see Matthew having fun outside and enjoying time with his sisters and grandparents. Without the travel bed, this simply isn’t possible.”

Matthew's dream is simple, a travel bed which would allow him to visit his grandparents with his whole family.

Please note: if we exceed our target for this appeal, the additional money raised will go to where it is needed the most to help fulfil more dreams for children and young people with serious and life-limiting conditions.

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Online donations

  • £30.00 - Martin & Louise
    Hope you guys get the bed for Matthew. Xxx

  • £10.00 - Deb Shepherd @ PwC
    Love and best wishes. Deb PwC

  • £10.00 - Irene

  • £30.00 - Stuart, Mairi, Cam & Ava x
    Lots of luck with reaching your total!

  • £10.00 - Paulette
    Lots of good wishes to you Matthew

  • £5.00 - John Heard
    Hope you get the travel bed. What a fab family. Love the Heards xxxx

  • £10.00 - Sharon

  • £10.00 - Anonymous
    Love from Tony Sarah & Dylan ❤️

  • £10.00 - Alice
    Such a beautiful little boy. Live and big hugs to you all . Wish I could give more xx

  • £5.00 - SamSam

  • £10.00 - Jan

  • £10.00 - The Ridley family

  • £10.00 - Jane Evans

  • £10.00 - Lindsay albon
    Big love to you all xx

  • £10.00 - Sara Reid

  • £10.00 - Vicky Acton
    Hope you get his bed soon and can enjoy your family time away soon x

  • £20.00 - Pauline
    With love to Matthew xx

  • £10.00 - Anonymous

  • £300.00 - Debbie & Ian Hill
    Thank you Dreams Come True, from Matthew's Mummy and Daddy

  • £25.00 - Julie and Ste
    Big hugs to you all, hope your dreams come true

  • £20.00 - Sarah @ Adam
    Praying you reach your target as soon as possible

Offline donations

  • £3.00 - Barbara

  • £10.00 - Susan

  • £30.00 - Margaret

  • £15.00 - Vera

  • £50.00 - Mrs Timson

  • £25.00 - Scott

  • £50.00 - Kafa

  • £25.00 - Anon

  • £25.00 - Ann

  • £5.00 - Beryl

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