Dreams Come True

Aisha, Ruksar and Sana's dreams have been fulfilled!

Aisha, Ruksar and Sana

Name: Aisha, Ruksar and Sana
Age: 10, 14 and 13
Date Fulfilled: 12/08/2015
Status: Dream Fulfilled
Summary: Aisha, Ruksar and Sana are 3 sisters that wanted to go to Disneyland, Paris. All of them have a rare disorder that affects many parts of their bodies,

Aisha, Ruksar and Sana's Dream Story

Aisha, Ruksar and Sana's dream come true

Aisha, Ruksar and Sana are 3 sisters from Birmingham.  All of them have Bardet-Biedl syndrome, a rare disorder that affects many parts of the bodies.  

The girl’s dream was to go on holiday to Disneyland Paris.  Their mother Ishrat said “My daughters love to travel and enjoy staying away from home.  They love the Disney characters and would be delighted to meet them.  This will mean a lot to them and will make them very happy.”

The family stayed at Sequoia Lodge and had a wonderful time.  They loved everything at Disney.  

A few days after they got home Ishrat rang to thank us for the holiday and went on to say what a wonderful time they had.  They didn't even mind the rain on the two days they had some.  The hotel was lovely and the staff were very nice.  The girls loved all of it but their favourite ride was Crush’s Coaster, where you plunge through the East Australian current aboard a spinning turtle shell.  Apparently , they went on it a lot!!



Aisha, Ruksar and Sana's Story in Pictures

Aisha, Ruksar and Sana's Dream

Date: 12/08/2015
Status: Dream Fulfilled

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