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Bear Grylls Survival Race

Bear Grylls Survival Race

Duration: 5k, 10k, Cubs and Ultimate
Organised by: Bear Grylls
Summary: This is not just your average obstacle race; the Bear Grylls Survival Race consists of a multi distance series of obstacle races combined with survival challenges – catering for all abilities. Heros Are Made Not Born.

This is not just your average obstacle race; the Bear Grylls Survival Race consists of a multi distance series of obstacle races combined with survival challenges – catering for all abilities. 

The inspiration behind the race came from Bear's deep rooted experience that overcoming adversity in the wild can build a man or woman's physical and mental strength in a totally unique way. "So many people seek adventure and challenge through computer games, when in truth we can all develop our own wilderness warrior spirit and physicality, for real."


Manchester 24th September 

London 8-9 October

The races:

Ultimate Survivor

Created by Bear Grylls and his team of mountain and Survival experts this is a challenge that most will not fully accomplish. Ages 16+.

The race consists of 3 laps of our gruelling 10K course, each one finishing with 2 unique Survival tasks: the BG ELITE Challenges. These are 6 Survival conundrums each one as difficult as the next. Strength, agility, balance, resourcefulness and determination are just a few of the attributes you will require to complete these gruelling tasks. Failure to complete a challenge results in a time penalty, so not an option if you have your eye on the Ultimate Survivor trophy. 

This race is limited to just 1000 athletes and will be the first race of its kind. Join this elite group and be one of only a few that can say they have completed the inaugural Ultimate Survivor course. 

10K Survival Race

The 10K Bear Grylls Survival Race is designed to test and develop your tenacity and adventure spirit. It is a tough race requiring both physicality and courage. We ensure there are at least 35+ obstacles to challenge racers and teams along the course.

This will be a good challenge for any OCR racer or 10K runner, you will need to be able to complete lifts, carries, water obstacles and variety of medium and difficult obstacles.

5k Survival Race

Come and take on our Bear Grylls 5K Survival Race. We ensure there are at least 20+ obstacles to challenge racers and teams along the way. This 5km Race is an ‘experience’ in itself, and we encourage all of you to do this distance at least once, as it really is such a fun course! And for many of you it will be only the beginning: from 5K to Ultimate Survivor in a year is a totally achievable goal. Ambitious but achievable! (Remember Moby Dick!)

Natural obstacles and a range of survival challenges will test you like never before; and completion will inevitably light a fire inside that will be hard to put out for weeks! Age 14+

Cubs Survival Race

You can choose to tackle our Jungle, Desert, Amphibious, Mountain and Arctic cubs races in a mix of locations around the UK. Our aim is to provide the same experience for the kids as the adults. All we do is scale everything down, so it's still epic just slightly smaller in size. The kids are the next generation of adventurers and survival experts and we hope we can be part of how their adventuring starts. We are expecting to see a record number of cubs at our inaugural London race. With 2000 children expected this is set to be one of the biggest if not the biggest kids race of its type in the world. Get the kids back outdoors and off their computers and mobile phones and challenge them to the Bear Grylls Cubs Race. 

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