Dreams Come True

A cup of tea with Lauren

Since 1991, we have only met 12 children with Ehlers Danlos syndrome out of 5,420 records. One of these fulfilled dreams was 22 year old Lauren, who sings to cope with the pain of her condition and lift her spirits, who was given the opportunity to meet her idol Katherine Jenkins. 

Lauren's account on living with EDS:

For people living with EDS, and all the conditions linked with it, every day is a struggle. It took me a while to figure out my own limits and to work out when, and if, I should push my body past what it was telling me I could do. Some days I can't make it out of bed, and others I can go to the cinema with my carer.

I take things day by day as there is often such a sudden change in my condition. That being said, there are also times where I'll have a rare good week and be able to do the things I love. I also have to account for "payoffs" so if I do push myself on an occasion for something important I know there will be a few days I need to take time out and recover from it, and that is perfectly ok.

It's hard getting over feeling like you're just lazy after so many Dr's, your friends and family lable you as a "faker" or "attention seeker" just because they don't understand. I think that's why singing helps me so much more. When I sing it's an escape, no one looks at me because I'm the girl in the wheelchair, they look at me because they're captivated by the beauty in my voice. Singing helps distract me from the pain. At times it has been the only thing that would stop me screaming in pain, and it makes me feel "normal".

Date: 23/05/2016
Author: Lauren

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